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Provincial Reading and Math Assessment (PRMA) 

The Provincial Reading and Math Assessment (PRMA) provides provincial and district level information on reading and mathematics in schools, adding to data already collected from school-based, national, and international assessments.

The PRMA results play an important role in the school development process. In conjunction with other data, such as the School Development Survey results and national/international assessment results, the PRMA trends are used to identify areas of growth and challenge in each domain, to establish priorities, and to guide direction in supporting and improving student learning. During this process, school district staff, administrators and school staff review a range of internal and external data sources to gather evidence on how students are achieving. Used in conjunction with other sources of information the PRMA allows EECD, school districts, and schools to be more responsive to student learning.


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Allergy Alert

Kiwi, Cherries, Fish (All Shellfish, Salmon & Tuna), Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Pistachio Nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), Egg, Citris Peel, Latex and Scented Products are all not permitted in our building.