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School Yearbook 

Yearbooks are available at Our School Yearbook Code is 15271024. Orders must be placed by Friday, June 14.


Library Book Return 

All library books are now overdue.  Students are asked to return these as soon as possible by dropping them in the library's book return.  Students will be given a bill for any unreturned books.  

Second Chance Opportunities (Guidelines) 

Second Chance opportunities apply to all core subject areas and are available to all students. It is possible for students to complete unfinished assignments, performance tasks, or other assessment designs. 

Social Media Tips

Please view the NLESD  Social Media Tips for Families in link below.



Second Chance Opportunities

June 10-14

School Yearbook Order Deadline

Friday, June 14

Cardinal Connect

Friday, June 14

(Period 3)

Grade 9 Yearend Celebration

Tuesday, June 18

The Cardinal

Please take the time to read and enjoy our school newspaper 

prepared by our student reporters.

 Issue #5-January 2024

Allergy Alert

Kiwi, Cherries, Fish (All Shellfish, Salmon & Tuna), Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Pistachio Nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), Egg, Citris Peel, Latex and Scented Products are all not permitted in our building.