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Google Classroom: Parent Guide

(Guide des parents google Classroom)

It is strongly reccommended that parents become familiar with Google Classroom as this is the learning platform used by NLESD for Home Learning. Check out the Youtube links below.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

Parents- How to Join Google Meet

Google Read and Write/EquatIO (Parent/Guardian Memo)

Google Lire et écrire/EquatIO (Mémo Parent/Gardien)

Texthelp is providing premium access to Google Read and Write and EquatIO for all K-12 students until the end of the 2019-2020 school year to help support remote access to accessible learning content for students.

Please take a look at these short video clips to see what access to RWG & EquatiO can mean for students:



How to Access RWG, PDF Reader & EquatIO

PCs, Macs, Windows-based tablets/laptops & Chromebooks

Student Setup

iPad set-up

Read&Write for iPad: Student

Take-Home Installation

EquatIO Mobile

Texthelp Resources

Parents/guardians & students can access short, clear videos on how to use RWG & EquatiO on Texthelp’

Youtube channel, such as this short R WG How-to Guide for students.

Texthelp also has a Student Activity Packavailable that contains videos and step by step instructions onhow to access all the benefits Read and Write for Google has to offer.

Student Learning Resources

Ressources d’apprentissage des élèves

Students are able to access a variety of learning resources for use to help with home learning.